sun room furniture

Manifestation of Enjoyment to Sunroom Furniture

Sunroom furniture is the applications furniture to support the pleasure in the sunroom room. This place is used to warm the body in the wind and rain season. Usually, it is applied in Europe and American which do not get a lot of sun light. They will build this room connected with their house. They will hide this place behind their house because this is the transparent such as the […]

shaker oak with uba tuba granite counter top

The Rocky Stars: Uba Tuba Granite

Uba tuba granite is the line stone for furniture. Usually, it is on the table. The shapes are square, oval, and circle. The restaurant and bar use this stone to make their table perfect flat to serve the customers. It makes the table look strong and incredible. Of course the elegant and glamour will be followed. The garniture of uba tuba has some variant color. This color is created by […]

patio sun shades

The Main Reason for the Outdoor Sun Shades

Outdoor sun shades are needed as one part of the modern outdoor decorations. This one can be found easily then relating to the assumption about that. Because of that, its creation relating to the design of the sun shade itself usually relates to the design of the modern furniture. This one has the special function and so its creation must be composed in special way too. That sometimes becomes the […]

landscaping curbing

Wonderful Landscape Curbing Ideas

Landscape curbing ideas come with various kinds of model and type. Generally, landscape curbing is to make limits and patterns on your landscape. To make landscape curbing in your front or backyard is practically useful. Beside its function to curb them, landscape curbing is also a way to make your garden or landscape look perfect and beautiful. It is why many people apply it in almost all of their landscape […]

landscaping ideas for small backyards

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Small backyard landscaping ideas are now easy to find around us. In this modern era, we do not need hard efforts to search anything with internet including landscaping for the backyard. Backyard differs with front yard. It is more privacy and not everyone can see it anyway. If you have just a small backyard, do not worry about it! There are great solutions to make landscaping there. You may need […]

metal landscape edging

Minimalist Landscaping Edging Types

Landscaping edging is how to make outside borders of the landscape. It seems like garden fence but in the simpler and lower way. Actually, there are many minimalist landscaping edging ideas that you can find them out from numerous resources. Minimalist landscape edging is practical and look good. To choose ideal landscaping edging, you should have important touches to complete it simply but have great impacts in beauty. Landscaping edging […]

indoor outdoor area rugs

Indoor Outdoor Rug Models

Indoor outdoor rug is term to name a rug that is suitable for indoor furniture or outdoor furniture. Usually, we use rug to cover the floors in our living room, bed room and even dining room. It has several functions. Beside to cover floor, it can also be banquette table bases and for sitting in the low or Japanese living room table concepts. Rug is more chosen because of its […]

hillside landscaping pictures

How to Make Safe Design and Beautiful Hillside Landscaping

Hillside landscaping is one of many kinds of specific landscape for your house. Generally, hillside landscaping is chosen for residential causes or other needs. Hillside landscaping is the most challenging of whole residential designs. We cannot always have a flat space to build our own house. Sometimes, we just get free space in the outside of city. You may get a slope and need some changes and modifications in order […]

photography websites

Know Most Famous Landscape Photographers!

Famous landscape photographers have an important role to inspire wide world landscape views. Without them, we may not be able to see how beautiful and special landscaping in this world. Basically, landscape photography is being popping up these days. Many people have a talk about landscape photography. But not everyone can shot the best angle of the landscape. There is special touch of photograph philosophy that belongs to professional landscape […]

plantation shutters

Plantation Shutters Resist The UV Light

Plantation shutters are the motorization system. It is the designed for the flip-click of the tilt rod. The design can be made from the wood or the stainless steel. Both materials only differs the style between the classic and the futuristic design. The function also the same, but you should know that the stainless steel is getting longer maintenance than the wood design. There are no exception windows for these […]